Albert Fishlow

Albert Fishlow is professor of international and public affairs at Columbia University, director of the Center for Brazilian Studies, and director of the Institute for Latin American Studies at Columbia. He was Paul A. Volcker Senior Fellow for International Economics at the Council of Foreign Relations until June 30, 1999. Previously Fishlow had been professor of economics at the University of California, Berkeley, and dean of international and area studies. He has also been professor of economics and director of the Center for International & Area Studies at Yale University. He served as deputy assistant secretary of state for Inter-American Affairs from 1975 to 1976, and has been a member of a number of public groups relating to Latin America. In 1999, he was awarded the National Order of the Southern Cross by the government of Brazil. Fishlow’s published research has addressed issues in economic history, Brazilian and Latin American development strategy, as well as economic relations between industrialized and developing countries.