Eric V. Schaeffer

Eric V. Schaeffer is director of the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP), a non-profit public interest group dedicated to improving enforcement of U.S. environmental laws. Through a combination of advocacy and original research, EIP has helped to focus public attention on chronic violations at refineries, power plants, municipal wastewater treatment plants and other facilities. EIP also helps communities review permits and file their own enforcement actions when necessary. Schaeffer previously served as director of the Office of Regulatory Enforcement for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from 1997 to 2002. Under his supervision, the EPA reached global settlements with more than 30 refineries that together account for nearly one third of U.S. refining capacity. Prior to joining the EPA in 1990, Schaeffer practiced law at a private firm and served as a legislative aide to several members of Congress. Schaeffer was awarded the Justice Department's John Marshall Award in 2001 in recognition of the critical role he played in developing and managing the refinery initiative. He is also a recipient of the Presidential Rank Award recognizing his outstanding achievement as a member of the senior executive service. Mr. Schaeffer received his law degree from Georgetown University in 1997, and graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1976.