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Climate Change

  • China and Climate Change, Pew Center
    This blog features several articles examining China’s approach to climate change, as well as U.S.-China relations.
  • Taming the Angry Beast, Ken Caldeira, Science, October 17, 2008
    A review of the book by Wallace S. Broecker and Robert Kunzig


  • Carbon Credits in African Communities, Green Business in Africa, March 13, 2009
    An article examining how Nigeria is implementing a carbon credit system in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • You Can’t Eat Potential, Glenn Denning, October 6, 2009
    A discussion of food security in developing countries and the possibility of creating an agriculture fund to address the root causes of hunger
  • Davos 2010 Discusses MDGs,, January 29, 2010
    A panel discussion at Davos featuring Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Bill Gates and others

Economic Recovery

  • Come Together, Right Away, Ban Ki-moon, The New York Times, July 2, 2009
    A call by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for renewed multilateralism in the wake of the global economic crisis
  • Towards a Green Recovery, Edenhofer and Stern, April 1, 2009
    An article calling for a focus on green technologies for the economic recovery

International Systems

  • Copenhagen: The False Victory, Jeffrey D. Sachs, December 22, 2009
    A review of the Copenhagen summit by Professor Sachs and an assessment on the best way forward